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For specialised area rug cleaning services, contact

Chem-Dry Leeside

Area Rug Cleaning

At Chem-Dry, we take pride in offering a professional and highly effective cleaning service for your cherished area and oriental rugs. Our trained area rug cleaning technicians are dedicated to restoring the patterns and colors of your rugs to their original beauty and vibrancy while ensuring they are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.


Area rugs are true gems in any room, but their constant exposure to traffic can lead to rapid dirt accumulation. But fret not, our experts are here to make a remarkable difference. We can clean nearly any type of rug, transforming it to look almost brand new.


With Chem-Dry, your rugs receive special treatment that ensures a longer-lasting clean. Our cleaning products leave no sticky dirt-attracting residue, keeping your rugs cleaner for extended periods. For added protection, we offer an application of Chem-Dry Protectant, safeguarding your rugs against everyday spills and mishaps.


For more details about professional area rug and orienal rug cleaning services, contact Chem-Dry Leeside

Fine Textile Cleaning

We understand that your oriental and area rugs hold both sentimental and financial value, making them treasured investments. With this in mind, we approach their cleaning with the utmost care and attention to detail.


At Chem-Dry, we believe in using the simplest and most natural elements to clean your rugs effectively. Our process involves the use of air and naturally carbonating water, ensuring a gentle yet thorough cleaning experience.


Our specialized tools and equipment are designed specifically for area rugs and delicate textures. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your rugs receive a deep clean while being protected from any potential damage.


For fine and precise textile cleaning, contact Chem-Dry Leeside

  • Where can I find cleaning services near me?
    Our cleaning services are available to customers throughout Cork
  • What cleaning services do you offer?
    Our cleaning services include carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, pet urine removal, leather cleaning, water damage restoration and more.
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