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For deep tile and stone cleaning services, contact

Chem-Dry Leeside

Tile & Stone Cleaning

When you are looking for stone, tile, and grout cleaning in your area, you can count on us. Our technicians are trained to ensure your floors are clean and sanitised while protecting your grout.


Our professional technicians use specialized cleaning solutions and powerful suction equipment to remove dirt and grime that has built up over the years. Allow us to renew the shine to your tile, stone and grout throughout your home or business


For restorative tile and stone cleaning services, contact Chem-Dry Leeside

Professional Stone Cleaning

A recent study conducted by an independent laboratory sought to assess the health benefits and efficiency of our Tile, Stone & Grout Cleaning process. Through comprehensive tests on various tile surfaces in multiple homes, the results are in, and they are impressive.


The study confirmed that our Tile, Stone & Grout cleaning process, coupled with the application of a sanitiser, successfully eliminates an average of 98.6% of bacteria from these surfaces. This finding underscores the effectiveness of our cleaning method, ensuring that your tile and stone surfaces are not only visually pristine but also thoroughly sanitized.


For professional stone clenaing services, contact Chem-Dry Leeside

Grout Cleaning & Sealing

At Chem-Dry, we go the extra mile to ensure that your cleaning results stand the test of time. As a part of every cleaning job we undertake, we offer the option to apply a durable sealant to your grout.


When our trained staff applies this specialized sealant, it creates a robust barrier, significantly reducing the amount of dirt that can seep into the grout pores. The result? Your grout stays cleaner for longer periods, with less frequent maintenance required.


With the sealant acting as a protective shield, dirt finds it harder to penetrate deep into the grout cracks, making maintenance a breeze. Embrace the convenience of lasting cleanliness, as our sealant works tirelessly to preserve the beauty and cleanliness of your grout.


For professional grout cleaning and sealing services, contact Chem-Dry Leeside

Tile Cleaning by Chem-Dry

For lasting protection and pristine surfaces, it's advisable to have your tile, stone, and grout professionally cleaned every 12-18 months. And at Chem-Dry, we have just the right service to cater to your needs.


Our expertise extends to a wide range of tile and stone varieties, including Saltillo, ceramic, porcelain, slate, granite, and travertine. Rest assured that no matter the type, we have the perfect solution to bring out their natural beauty.


Additionally, we offer a specialized grout color restoration service, a remarkable way to breathe new life into existing grout joints. Watch as your grout regains its brilliance, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your surfaces


For more information about reliable tile cleaning services, contact Chem-Dry Leeside

  • Where can I find cleaning services near me?
    Our cleaning services are available to customers throughout Cork
  • What cleaning services do you offer?
    Our cleaning services include carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, pet urine removal, leather cleaning, water damage restoration and more.
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