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For more reasons on why Chem-Dry’s carpet cleaning is the better choice in comparison to steam cleaning, contact

Chem-Dry Leeside

Chem-Dry Vs Steam Cleaning

At our core, we prioritize your health, setting us apart from traditional steam cleaning methods. Our promise to you is to provide a cleaning process that is not only effective but also promotes a healthier living environment compared to our competitors.


To achieve this, we rely on our proprietary Carbonating Cleaner process, carefully designed to enhance the cleanliness and well-being of your home. This unique approach harnesses the power of carbonation, ensuring a deeper and more thorough clean without compromising on your family's health.

Compare the Difference

Our cutting-edge carbonating cleaner employs a low-pressure spray machine that unleashes millions of microscopic carbonated bubbles onto your carpet. These tiny bubbles work wonders, as they effectively coax dirt and grime to break free from the carpet fibers and rise to the surface.


Once liberated, the dirt and grime become easily extractable, leaving your carpet looking fresh and revitalized. The best part? Our process uses minimal moisture, resulting in remarkably fast drying times of just 1 to 2 hours.


In stark contrast, traditional steam cleaners rely on buckets of hot, soapy water, which can lead to short-term cleanliness but leaves behind a sticky residue. This sticky residue acts as a magnet for dirt, causing your carpets to re-soil more quickly. Additionally, the excess moisture penetrates to the base of your carpet, extending drying times and providing an ideal environment for the growth of mold and bacteria.


Comparing Chem-Dry & Steam Cleaning

When it comes to carpet cleaning, the distinctions between Chem-Dry and traditional steam cleaning are significant. Here's a breakdown of the essential facts:


Chem-Dry (Hot Carbonation)


• Employs a carbonating, active cleaning solution that deeply penetrates and lifts dirt and stains effectively.

• Utilizes a neutral pH cleaning solution, safe for your carpets and the environment.

• Resists re-soiling, leaving your carpets cleaner for longer periods.

• Uses a low amount of water, preventing potential damage and allowing for faster drying times.

• Applies low-pressure during the cleaning process, ensuring a gentle yet thorough clean.

• Boasts remarkably short drying times, with your carpets ready to enjoy in no time.

• Utilizes green solutions and a cleaning method that aligns with environmentally friendly practices.


Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction)


• Utilizes a flat, inactive cleaning solution that may not reach deep-seated dirt and stains effectively.

• Often employs a high pH cleaning solution, which may be harsh on carpets and potentially harmful to the environment.

• Encourages re-soiling due to the residue left behind, leading to quicker carpet re-soiling.

• Requires a high amount of water, increasing the risk of carpet saturation and potential water damage.

• Involves high-pressure application, which may be too forceful for delicate carpets.

• Involves lengthy drying times, causing potential disruptions to your daily routine.

• May rely on harsh chemicals and excessive water usage, raising concerns about environmental impact and safety.

  • Where can I find cleaning services near me?
    Our cleaning services are available to customers throughout Cork
  • What cleaning services do you offer?
    Our cleaning services include carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, pet urine removal, leather cleaning, water damage restoration and more.
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